Main Street Buffalo




Landscape Architecture


The City of Buffalo


Buffalo, NY


In Progress

Site Area

12 blocks


DiDonato Associates

The Share the Trackbed Alternative on Buffalo's Main Street stimulates economic development downtown, increases multi-modal access options and transit ridership, and improves the quality of life. The reintroduction of cars on the street also provides an opportunity to revive the downtown area's image through constructing the right look for the city in a vital but under-appreciated area. Working with local engineers, MNLA led the urban design process that included an existing conditions analysis in light of the necessary changes to the district's pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation. Detailed on-site evaluation of materials was performed, and landscape amenities, event spaces, circulation, and special event and gathering areas were also produced.

The firm’s sketches and presentations led the team toward a successful strategy that was adopted by the client committee. MNLA was subsequently selected to implement the project over the course of multiple years. To date, four of the 12 blocks are complete or in construction.

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