Pumphouse Park


Parks and Open Spaces, Waterfront


Landscape Architecture


Brookfield Properties


New York, NY





Pumphouse Park is prominently located in the commercial core of Battery Park City adjacent to the esplanade and outdoor dining facilities at the base of the office buildings. The site had been plagued by poor drainage as well as increased usage which took their toll on the turf and plantings. MNLA was commissioned to rejuvenate the well-loved spaces which include a large oval lawn and a shaded sitting area surrounded by formal planting beds. 

MNLA’s approach was to dome the central lawn to create positive drainage and envelope the perimeter cherry trees in seasonally diverse plantings to protect the trees from mower damage and deter the use of the lawn as a pedestrian short cut. In so doing, the lawn is now well-programmed with yoga and musical performances, as well as regular use by families and office workers for casual gatherings and picnicking. 

The second space, dominated by a large birch grove and a grid of hedged beds, was reconfigured into a curvilinear form creating a variety of sub-spaces for comfortable furniture set on permeable pavers.

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