Quarry Park

A former landfill becomes a lush respite along the Croton Aqueduct Recreational Trail.


Parks and Open Spaces


Landscape Architecture


The Quarry Park Committee


Hastings-on-Hudson, NY





Site Area

5.5 acres

Quarry Park is a 5.5 acre former quarry site whose colorful background has been rediscovered through the design of a new public space by MNLA. The site is a short walk from the Village and adjacent to the Croton Aqueduct Recreational Trail. Site history includes the quarrying of large marble blocks in the late 1800’s which were the building stones of many significant structures in New York City. Several decades later, the site became a bulk disposal site for the community and the closure of this landfill inspired the creation of a new park. The scenic quality of the sheer cliffs created through the quarrying process inspired a local philanthropist to eventually transform the site.

The landscape is sculpted into undulating mounds covered with meadow grass and woven with pathways that are designed to maximize the experiential qualities of the space. Two programmatic zones allow for informal gathering or community events. At a high point within the landscape, an elevated plane with shade trees at its perimeter allow for picnics or small gatherings.  A second space is organized around a historic tunnel below the aqueduct trail. Additional spaces frame walking trails as well as a small concert venue where adjacent cliff faces provide ideal acoustical conditions. 

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