Newport Pier Park

Winner, 2024 NJ ASLA Honor Award




Landscape Architecture


The LeFrak Organization


Newport, NJ





"Water's Soul" Artist

Jaume Plensa

Newport Park Pier is a public waterfront neighborhood destination in Newport, NJ that spurs from the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway (HRWW) and successfully capitalizes on borrowed views of Manhattan while augmenting the panoramic quality of the space with native, textural planting, and dynamic public art. The pier was originally constructed as part of the Erie-Lackawanna Railway and has been designed as a native landscape experience using forms that recall the historic rail lines which terminated at this site.

As part of the HRWW network, this project requires a public access walk to the end of the pier that culminates with a waterfront plaza destination. MNLA seamlessly knits the park within the existing network while simultaneously designing a unique and distinctive experience on the eastern edge.

Once the subsurface structure was stabilized, a resilient waterfront public space subject to coastal conditions such as salt spray, prevailing winds, and climate change took form. It effectively incorporates public art that lends character and acts as a landmark for visitors. Inspiration from the pier’s existing regenerative vegetation and industrial past informs the park’s site texture and planting palette. Over 90% of the plants are native to the Northern New Jersey Coastal environment and provide habitat for wildlife.

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Newport Pier Park is a spur of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, which extends across two New Jersey counties.

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The structure was originally built in 1905 as a grain handling pier. As transportation and freight needs shifted, it was abandoned in the mid-1970’s.

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After the site’s purchase in 1985, the idea of Newport Pier Park came to be as part of a master-planned community now known as Newport, NJ.

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Repurposed stone block acts as an homage to the site’s adjacency to the rugged and weathered edge of the mighty Hudson River.

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Sweeps of Panicum virgatum and clusters of Solidago sempervirens provide habitat and enhance the waterfront experience.

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